Casino - Murwillumbah Railway
Line closure proposal
Conversion to walking , cycle and  public recreation trail
by Kerry Whitfield

In support of rail











  In support of modern rail systems  

You probably think I'm anti-rail or own shares in multi-national oil and auto companies. That is far from the truth. I'm a keen rail and public transport enthusiast. Most of us will agree our capital cities are choking under a massive cloud of automobile pollution. Better rail and public transport systems are needed and called for almost on a weekly basis in the media.

Sydney's needs start with the Parramatta to Chatswood line. Then there's the Strathfield to Hurstville line. Extensions to the eastern suburbs line, and the list goes on. The main rail freight corridor between Melbourne and Brisbane is slowed down by the bottleneck in Sydney. Trying to run freight trains through the middle Sydney's overcrowded passenger system slows the movement of freight trains down to snails pace. Freight agents prefer to send their freight by truck, it gets to its destination the next day, not next week.

If we're going to be serious about a rail system we've got to put money and energy where it's needed and where it'll achieve the best results. Spending vast amounts of money and time maintaining old branch lines that only carry a few bus loads of passengers is not looking to the future of an efficient nationwide rail system for Australia.


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